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SEDA Professional Development Award in Personal Tutoring and Academic Advising

2016-03-10SEDA have recently introduced a new Professional Development Award in Personal Tutoring and Academic Advising. This award is aimed at anyone involved in personal tutoring of students in higher education settings and seeks to enhance professional practice and encourage a student-centred approach through a critically reflective approach to tutoring practice.

I  am delighted that my application to join the initial cohort of this award has been accepted and am looking forward to working towards it. This requires me to create a reflective portfolio and explore in detail four case studies of personal tutoring development and enhancement activities that I undertake. So my first task is, I guess, to review my current practice and identify those four activities.

I’m really pleased to see that this award has been introduced to promote the important role that personal tutors play in supporting students and I intend to blog more about my experiences of this award as I go through it. Ideally, I’d like to encourage as many of my colleagues as possible to put themselves through this award too.